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2023 in Focus: Top 5 Articles You Loved Most

Wrapping up 2023 with these five most read articles from our blog. 

DevelopmentLast updated: 15 Feb 20243 min read

By Zeljko Prsa

As we close out 2023, we've invested some time digging into what really clicked with you on our blog. With a little help from Google Search Console, we've zeroed in on the top 5 articles that stood out this past year.

It's refreshing to see that in-depth, well-thought-out articles are still making a mark. Despite the fast-paced nature of online content, it's these detailed explorations of development topics that you've found most read worthy. This not only motivates us but also shapes our approach as we plan for 2024.

1. "How to Implement Intersection Observer API in Angular"

Clicks: 3.3k+
Impressions: 29k+

This one's a gem by Matej Jakšić. He took us on a deep dive into Angular’s cool tricks, making web apps faster and smoother. Observe this game-changer.

2. "React Native Video — Handling Fullscreen and Controls on Android"

Clicks: 2.7k+
Impressions: 61k+

Mateo Debeljak really hit it out of the park with this guide. He showed us how to level up our React Native skills, especially for those sweet video features on Android. Fullscreen primer.

3. "How to Set Cookies from an Embedded Iframe"

Clicks: 2.7k+
Impressions: 40k+

Sebastijan Dumančić tackled a tricky but super useful topic. He shared some clever ways to manage cookies in iframes, solving those pesky cross-domain puzzles.

4. "Multi-language Routing in React"

Clicks: 2.5k+
Impressions: 32k+

Vlatko Vlahek became our go-to guy for making React apps globally friendly. His insights on multi-language support were just what we needed for our international audience.

5. "Easier API Calls with a Wrapper Around Axios"

Clicks: 2k+
Impressions: 14k+

Dino Stančić broke down how to make dealing with APIs a breeze. His tips on using Axios wrappers were pure gold for simplifying our coding life.

Sorted by Impressions: What Caught Your Eye

Ever wonder what's catching everyone's eye? Here's the same list, but ranked by how many times they popped up:

  1. "React Native Video — Handling Fullscreen and Controls on Android" - 61k+ Impressions
  2. "How to Set Cookies from an Embedded Iframe" - 40k+ Impressions
  3. "Multi-language Routing in React" - 32k+ Impressions
  4. "How to Implement Intersection Observer API in Angular" - 29k+ Impressions
  5. "Easier API Calls with a Wrapper Around Axios" - 14k+ Impressions

Shoutout to Our Top Authors of 2023

Let's not forget the brilliant minds behind these hits. Big cheers to our top authors who made 2023 an incredible year for our blog:

  1. Matej Jakšić
  2. Mateo Debeljak
  3. Sebastijan Dumančić
  4. Vlatko Vlahek
  5. Dino Stančić

What's exciting is the promise of what lies ahead. With 2024 on the horizon, we're gearing up to bring you even more of these insightful and practical explorations into the world of web and mobile development.

Expect to see a wider array of topics, deeper insights into emerging technologies, like AI and more of the hands-on, real-world advice that you've come to rely on from our authors.

On behalf of our team, I'd like to extend a huge thank you for your continued engagement and curiosity. Your engagement is what make us want to write even more.

Here's to another year of learning, sharing, and innovating together.  Stay tuned, and as always, happy coding!

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