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Javascript ES6: Destructuring with default values

This is a short, but very useful code snippet for destructuring variables with default values (if the value is undefined). Very useful snippet for avoiding errors caused by undefined variables. In the following example, the options object is being destructured. const {     valFirst = 1,     valSecond = "hello",     valThird = false   } = options; If a destructured value doesn't exist within the object, it will be assigned a default value. If it does exist within the object, it will be ass

DevelopmentLast updated: 8 Feb 20221 min read

By Adrian Bece

This is a short, but very useful code snippet for destructuring variables with default values (if the value is undefined). Very useful snippet for avoiding errors caused by undefined variables.

In the following example, the options object is being destructured.

const {
    valFirst = 1,
    valSecond = "hello",
    valThird = false
  } = options;

If a destructured value doesn't exist within the object, it will be assigned a default value. If it does exist within the object, it will be assigned the value from the object.

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