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Udonis is a an advertising agency, with proficiency in digital marketing, media buying and strategical marketing services which made them distinguishable from the conventional advertising agencies.

The identity

We started working on a new Udonis’ identity, developing a new brand visual language, colors, typography, and iconography. The goal of identity was that match their brand message: creativity, energy and professionalism. Drawing from the image of runners track mirroring their strive for advancement and pushing the boundaries, we made basic sign and logotype while using color in a bold way to amplify the very message they wanted to convey.

Magic red

Purposly yellow


Udonis type specimen

Primary typography is Lyon Text, a great book and publication typeface. Neither too coldly modern, nor overly historicising, Lyon pairs a certain generic unobtrusiveness with an attractive text image. Its elegant looks are matched with an intelligent, distinctive nature, making it excellent pairing with Udonis' secondary typography - Calibre, which is a geometric neo-grotesque.


Our task was to redesign the website from the ground up, combining modern and corporate look and feel. The website was redesigned to embody company’s success of delivering superior digital marketing solutions with the goal of becoming one-stop shop for SMB’s digital marketing needs.

Desktop website screenshot
Mobile website screenshot
Second desktop website screenshot

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