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Tenzor is a full-stack innovation and hardware engineering lab focused on research and development of consumer electronics and industrial applications.


Having helped numerous corporate clients and startups alike, Tenzor’s expertise is indisputable. However, the company needed to establish a stronger presence both in digital and physical worlds. We were tasked with creating a new brand identity and a website to go along with their core values.

The identity

The visual language we’ve created mirrors Tenzors unwavering determination to iterate and improve, the merger of function and form, and the combination of stability and youthful optimism. Using all-caps extended typography we created a simple and striking logo meant to symbolize the steady movement of an assembly line, culminating in a functional prototype as a unification of hundreds of smaller parts.

Cornflower Blue

Purposly yellow

Simple black

Pure white


Tenzor type specimen

Idlewild was used as the primary typeface as well as a basis for Tenzor’s logotype. Its strong composure emanates a modern industrious feeling while being able to pair well with many different types producing varying moods in the process. We combined it with Overpass Mono, communicating Tenzor’s ability to iterate and upgrade upon classic and established processes.


Tenzor illustration


Lastly, the website was built with clarity in mind. Primarily relying on black and white to achieve stability we added splashes of color to accentuate information and carve out a discovery path for potential clients. Our last touch was to create a set of custom illustrations which gave the site a modern look and feel while making it more distinctive and striking.

Website screenshot
Website screenshot

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