We are delighted you decided to make us a part of your digital journey. This starter kit helps with getting on your feet quickly.

Our solutions are based on Typescript, React, React-Native, Angular, .NET Core and NodeJS, although we consider ourselves engineers, always open to new challenges and fresh technologies.

We also work with BaaS and IaaS services such as Firebase, Amazon AWS and Azure.

Our design team uses the latest tools of the trade for their trickery such as Sketch, Figma and Adobe Illustrator.

What do we offer?

  • Competitive salary dependent on skill and experience
  • Friendly atmosphere where people will help you learn
  • Flexible working hours and days off
  • Interesting projects
  • Paid educations and conferences
  • Growth planning and support to bring out the most of your potential

What do we ask in return?

  • Responsibility towards work and our clients
  • Technical excellence
  • Proactivity in suggesting new technologies and practices
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Being a team player
  • Willingness to adapt to new and upcoming technologies
  • Focus on quality UX


Interface Developer

Interface developer is a swiss army knife of modern web development. An individual that should be able to learn new technologies and tooling that allow for development of modern progressive web applications.

Ideal candidate should be versed in:

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript
  • Typescript experience
  • Basics of Web Typography
  • Experience with one of the modern web frameworks (React, Angular or Vue.js)
  • Experience with at least one modular CSS pattern (BEM, SMACSS or OOCSS)
  • Experience with CSS pre or postprocessors (POSTCSS, SCSS)
  • Experience with working with REST API-s
  • Experience with task runners and module bundlers (Webpack, Gulp)
  • Experience with Git, and at least, basic knowledge of one branching model for Git (GitFlow, Stable Mainline Branching …)
  • Experience with working with JSON format
  • Basic understanding of HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • Basic understanding of browser and device API-s

If you see yourself in this stack, but still need to improve your skill set in a few areas, let us know and we will gladly prepare a task to assess your skill set and give you a thorough code review on it.

Learn more and apply here.

Learning materials

Our primary stack is React, Redux & Typescript, so our materials are focused on getting to know the basics of web app development through this modern setup, which allows us to create performant, high quality and dynamic interfaces for our clients, which are easy to implement and test.



Please note that all code examples that you send need to be committed to git. We will not review any code sent as zip files or via other methods.

Starting point

If you are unsure where to start, we compiled a list of links which will help you understand are requirements thoroughly:

Think you got what takes to join the team? Feel free to send us your CV and portfolio or code repository at hello@prototyp.digital. We love to discover new talent and reply to each and every application.