PWA audio player

Keep listening to music & podcasts from the browser when on the move

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Progressive Web App with an integrated audio player that allows users to listen to the audio in the background of an app.

The client needed an app that doesn't cut your audio when you’re not actively using it. We came up with a solution of PWA with integrated playback that solves this problem and provides users with a fully-functioning background player.

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Make it sound good

The chosen approach was to implement background media playback in the Progressive Web App. It allowed us to easily span all platforms under one application while also supporting the biggest feature in the app — seamless background audio playback.

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Clear as a bell

The product is a full-featured PWA you can add to your home screen just like you would with a native app. Users listen to their favorite podcasts or music in the background while their phone is locked or using another app.

One obstacle to cross was Apple's lack of compatibility with PWA audio playback. That's why we had to ship a native app just for iOS. To find out more about the process of developing the app, read a blog post our Luka wrote.


  • Web


  • Product design (UI / UX)
  • Product Development


  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase

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