Project Manager

We are looking for a Project Manager, a skilled and organized individual responsible for planning and overseeing projects. As a Project manager at PROTOTYP, your job will be to define the scope of projects, track and manage project implementation (project schedule, issues, and risks), work closely with the design and dev team, and manage customer expectations.

Our expectations

  • excellent analytical, research, and problem-solving skills

  • excellent communication skills

  • good understanding of project objectives and scope

  • knowledge of resources planning and monitoring

  • knowledge of industry best practices, techniques, and standards

  • understanding of monitoring progress and measuring project performance

  • good understanding of user experience and web performance

  • work experience in project management

  • practical and fluent use of English language

  • motivation & great team spirit

  • experience with project management tools

    Bonus points :)

  • project management certificates

    Bonus points :)

  • good understanding of the design & development process

    Bonus points :)

  • knowledge of additional foreign languages

    Bonus points :)

Benefits of joining the team

  • Mentorship

    You will get a dedicated mentor to help you with the onboarding process and to help you develop your skills and become the best you. Usually, someone from the team with a bit more experience helps you onboard and get familiarised with how we do things.

  • Education

    We have workshops where you can learn something new from your colleagues. Also, you can choose the conferences and workshops that you would like to attend locally and internationally. We invest in your education by getting books, e-books, paid lessons, certificates, and anything else you might need.

  • Growth

    Every project is an opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge. We'll help you with your personal and professional growth. You can align your professional growth and position to what makes you tick in the long run.

  • People & work atmosphere

    We nurture good and honest personal relationships. We love fresh ideas and base our project decisions on objectivity. People on the team love technology, design, and business. Also coffee is great and animal friends are welcome.

  • Office & ergonomics

    Our office is a nice place to be if you want it. It's fully equipped and a fun place to be. If you would rather stay at home, you can work from your home office. You get to choose your equipment and gadgets and customize your ergonomic chair

  • Remote work & flexible hours

    You choose how you want to work. Feel free to hit the office from time to time or work from home (or from wherever). We also help you with setting up your home office for remote work. Set your working hours to match your lifestyle and productivity.

  • Vacations and free days

    Take a vacation, as long as you need it, no strings attached. Also, when we have the chance, we connect holidays with weekends. We also have a long winter break to give all of us time to chill out with friends and families.

  • Take ownership of your career

    Together with each new person that arrives at the team, we create a growth plan to match their financial, professional, and personal needs. We check that plan every couple of months to see if we are on the right track.


Project Manager

We approach each project individually and with great care. Taking care of project progress and your team will help you learn new skills and make you strive for excellence. If you are up for a challenge, come and join our team!

Think you got what takes to join the team?

  • 01

    Showcase your best work

    We value initiative and willingness to learn, that's why we take our time to check your CV.

  • 02

    Let's get practical

    Depending on your work and skills, our team will send you a small assignment that helps us understand your way of work and level of knowledge.

  • 03

    Let's meet

    We'll provide you with feedback and support for your assignment. Once that's done we can grab a cup of coffee and discuss your professional plans.

Apply for the Project Manager role on Roango and join our team.