• Interface developer is a skilled individual in love with modern client side technologies, able to quickly adapt to new standards and market requirements. Interface developers job is to understand and implement solutions in a variety of technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native and nodejs that are visually appealing and performant.

    What we expect from candidates:

    • great analytical, research and problem solving skills
    • excellent JavaScript knowledge
    • excellent browser API knowledge
    • experience with PWA features such as: LocalStorage, IndexDB, ServiceWorkers
    • understanding of React/Redux architexture and DDD design pattern
    • experience with usage of REST Api-s
    • experience with usage and setup of JavaScript build tools and package managers
    • a showcase of code that showcases that you have the chops to make the cut
    • good understanding of user experience and web performance
    • Basic git experience
    • practical and fluent use of English

    The following things are a big bonus:

    • typescript experience, and understanding of generics in development
    • experience with databases, and nosql
    • experience with Firebase or AWS Lambda
    • nodejs / express experience
    • experience with mobile development in and deployment processes

    If you fit the description, send us your CV and Code reposiory at hello@prototyp.digital

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