• Your career in user interface design starts now! Sharpen your skillset by working with our experienced design team on exciting and fun projects. We are offering a full mentorship programme to kickstart your design career.

  • Design products that solve problems and delight users. A designer is a skilled creative individual in love with design and digital technologies with a good understanding of UX and UI principles. The candidate should be able to solve design problems with creative and visually appealing solutions. A designer’s job is to understand the project, create wireframes, map out user journeys and design interfaces people love to use.

  • Build memorable and functional user experiences. We expect our candidates to have strong JavaScript and browser API knowledge, and good understanding of React/Redux architecture and JavaScript build systems such as Webpack. TypeScript and React-Native experience is a plus.

  • QA Engineer

    Help our team deliver great quality software. We expect our QA engineers to have a broad technical knowledge, and the ability to research and address issues before they are visible to the end-user. A good QA Engineer will be an asset that provides insight into how users will use our solutions and work with the rest of the team to find an optimal approach on how to achieve that.

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