Investors Club

Online business marketplace that disrupted the market on day one

Investors Club - #4 Product of the Month on Product Hunt
Investors Club

Flip the market on its head

In 2019 Alpha Investors founder and CEO has had enough. The way online businesses were bought and sold had to be disrupted. The problem was, all current marketplaces that sell online businesses were lulled into the late '90s. Neither sellers nor buyers were happy. Alpha Investors wanted to build something that fits the needs of both. A true opportunity opened up for market disruption.


  • Alpha Investors


  • Web


  • Product strategy
  • UX & UI design
  • Software Architecture & Consulting
  • Development


  • React
  • Firebase
Investors Club

How to disrupt an old market?

The idea was simple: Take everything you hate about other brokers and fix it. It set the course for the whole project.

  • No purchase fees - Sellers get the 100%
  • No sales commissions either
  • Actionable and in-depth due diligence reports
  • Exclusive and profitable assets only
  • Assisted purchasing & personalized asset deal offerings

The challenge was to design the user experience around those USP's and direct the digital identity onto a new path to create a new product category.

Investors Club

Product launch — a success story

The gained traction from the get-go:

  • #4 product of the month
  • 5/5 ratings based on 11 reviews
  • Over 1.5 k upvotes in the first month

All of these positive results validated the product as the community response was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Investors Club is live and growing each day, now you can become an investor easily!

Investors Club

We're on a roll

Now that we got real results, our focus shifted onto listening to user feedback and improving existing features as well as scaling the app while continuously introducing new features.

I trust in PROTOTYP to bring my idea to the market, especially for a complex product that hasn't been built yet.

— A. Ilisin, CEO, Alpha Investors

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