Audio-podcast app that will shift your perception and guide you towards happiness.


Soothing design and flawless audio playback make this audio-podcast app a source for awakening your potential.

The client wanted to widen their business expertise with a custom audio-podcast app, making it available for users at all times and places. Our focus was on making the app so enjoyable that it would invoke a relaxing state while using it.


Flawless virtual journey

It all started with selecting a colour scheme that will not invoke any uneasy feeling. With that in mind, we carefully choose colours gradients and simple elements that will contribute to the soothing design.

We used default React Native components and capabilities with a minimal dependency on third-party solutions for app development. That allowed us to create a solution for iOS and Android platforms with booth flawless audio playback and smooth animation transitions.


PROTOTYP is a team of extraordinarily talented, smart visionaries. They ushered our idea into reality with great aplomb.

— cynthia morgan, co-founder of happiseek


  • iOS


  • Product design (UI / UX)
  • Product development
  • Architecture & Consulting


  • React Native
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase

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