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PROTOTYP joins the top 7% at Pangea

Osijek, Croatia, 7th of January 2021 - PROTOTYP is proud to announce that we have joined Pangea []. We are now members of an elite community where the top 7% of software engineering vendors can be found - we strongly believe our hard work and business results are responsible for this accomplishment. The road to an elite vendor community From the moment PROTOTYP was founded,  we strived for excellence, both in design and software development, no exceptions.  Our dedication and 

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By Valentina Bermanec

Osijek, Croatia, 7th of January 2021 - PROTOTYP is proud to announce that we have joined Pangea. We are now members of an elite community where the top 7% of software engineering vendors can be found - we strongly believe our hard work and business results are responsible for this accomplishment.

The road to an elite vendor community

From the moment PROTOTYP was founded,  we strived for excellence, both in design and software development, no exceptions.

Our dedication and commitment allowed us to grow from a small company of two to a company of 25 people with a versatile client list; from small businesses to enterprise, and from work on small MVPs to working on large enterprise software.

With the growth of the company and our partner network, we decided to add an additional partner who will help us continue our growth and Pangea was a logical choice. The thorough verification process gave us quality insights about our company’s position on the market, our strengths, blindspots and qualities.

The key findings

After the verification process was finished, we unlocked some interesting insights. Our team health score averages at 9.3/10, where the highest score was Personal growth with 9.7 while Feedback and recognition, along with the culture, advocacy and management report were scored at 9.4.

For us as the company, this is an amazing achievement and confirmation that we’re on the right track with the internal culture and that employees are thrilled to be part of PROTOTYP.

On the other end of the spectrum, our Client Score averages at astonishing 9.5/10. We are incredibly proud that our clients are thrilled with the work, both in design and development,  and support we provide them.

Moving forward

Our mission was always to become a specialized digital product company; we focus hard on the design aspect of the digital product while executing it with the fast, scalable and strong tech foundation.

The findings and results from the verification process tell us we’re on the right track and that we’re building a company we envisioned years ago. There are still areas we must and need to improve, but we believe that being a part of elite Pangea vendors will ensure and encourage us to stay on the right path and be even better; both as an organization to our employees and as a digital product company to our clients.

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